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An Oil Journey....


I have been using essential oils since I was a teenager, thinking that they just made a nice perfume. Then as a skincare business creator I went back to my books and studied more on the meaning and properties of plants and oils. I am almost embarrassed to admit that my real journey of essential oils did not really start until last year, when faced with multiple challenges, including severe sleep deprivation (a baby will do that to you) and stress.

 I discovered Young Living, their oils and products, and have been amazed and delighted at the amount I have learned. The genuine quality of the oils are better than everything I have ever used. My son has issues with concentration...they have improved. My restless legs and sleepless nights...improved. My anxiety attacks...a work in progress but progress has been met. Not to mention the cleaning products and their safety around my kids and pets and supplements that work in synergy with the oils. Between my herbs and oils...the quality of life has so greatly improved for myself and my family.

I want to share with you and get you started with the kit I got for Christmas last year that changed it all for me. It doesn't matter your age, race, gender, or where you live in the world...this is available to YOU!  I'm giving you access to something else that can help you on your journey to natural living, besides our soaps and lotions...I feel it is my path to do so. I am also giving a diffuser necklace than you can use with your oils, when you purchase a premium kit by the end of December (or sign up as an essential rewards member).


www.youngliving.com put in my number above as sponsor and enroller and pick your diffuser. If you have any questions...please email me!

Much love!!!


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