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What can I do for YOU?

I am the maker and magic of Roses Ridge Farm Natural Skincare. My journey started over 8 years ago...my son had eczema, I was told to use steroids on my baby, and said "no way". I researched and taught myself through books and online forums how to make cold-process soaps and natural baby powders. My son's eczema cleared...and my eyes were opened to a new world of natural, plant based ways to care for my family. I went through my kid's skincare cabinet and then my cleaning products and tossed it all out.

Fast forward a few years and I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and my eyes were opened again. I had been learning about herbs, incense, and oils since I was a teen but now realized I needed them as an actual solution for my family...we no longer had insurance due to job loss, and needed a way to help get through minor ailments. My herbalist studies have taught me that I'm just scratching the very tip a very large iceberg...there is so much information!

As I Iearn more, we hope to grow into more than just those first few bars of goat milk soap made so many years ago. Friends and long time customers are coming to me to help look for solutions to their problems, whether for skin or a medical problem, or just wanting to learn how to help themselves and their families. We are going back to our roots, to where cleansing, skin or home, and medicine came from the woods, fields, and oceans. Healing our bodies with nourishment from nature, after exposure to so many man-made toxins. Come join us on that journey...make the first step, like I once did, replacing your commercial soap with a handmade bar and you will feel the difference. We want to help your family!

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